Update; City Adminstrator Jerry deBin refuses city council request to resign, will be removed and paid six months severance

Published on 16 June 2024 at 13:13

I received the following via email from Washington, Georgia mayor Bruce Bailey on Saturday June 15, 2024:


While Jerry deBin was asked to resign and did not as of close of business Friday the council, mayor, and city attorney went forward with his termination. He did not have a contract with the city and had provided council several examples for review.


The city ordinance. 

Sec. 2-68. - Removal.

The mayor and council may remove the city administrator at any time by a majority vote adopting a resolution to that effect. The action of the mayor and council in removing the city administrator shall be final. Upon removal as provided in this section, the city administrator shall be paid forthwith any unpaid balance of salary for the calendar month in which removed and such salary for the next six calendar months following, contingent upon serving a one-year probationary period at which time he/she can be terminated with one month's pay.


We attempted to work with him on this and will leave the severance package as is until he has time to discuss with his legal team. We will be moving forward for an interim administrator and full-time administrator forthwith. 


The ordinance can be viewed online here. 

On Monday June 10, 2024, the Washington City Council voted to request deBin's resignation and if he wouldn't resign, he would be immediately terminated. You can read that article here.


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Doug Abramson
a month ago

I appreciate the Informer’s coverage of this issue involving Washington-Wilkes. I know you have been criticized by some, but the Informer has been the best place to go to find out what was happening on this important story.

William Gartrell
a month ago

You doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Gail B. Boyd
a month ago

This is when a city newspaper is all important. I miss the News Reporter during this critical time. But I very much appreciate the Informer for attempting to keep us apprised of what is happening.

This is not an easy time for the City Council and our town.

Kirk Johnson
a month ago

Very good work under not so friendly conditions, and in an at times hostile environment. There most likely are more underlying parts to this saga. Hopefully you will not allow those opposed to the work you are doing for the tax paying citizens of Washington to detour or derail any further efforts on your part to continue to search for, and report the facts truthfully and fairly on this or any other matter that concerns the people of Washington.