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10 days ago

Why am I block from the informer

Raven Waters
11 days ago

Hello, I would like to get a price list of your various size business ads

Felicia Browner
2 months ago

Willie C. Bolton
4 months ago

How can I get your newspaper ???

5 months ago

Hello, wanted to send my opinion of MLK Parade, tried sending it via your email but kept getting an error message. Is there another 3to send it to you?

Dobbie Lambert
8 months ago

A valued contribution to the community.

Andy Anderson
2 years ago


Mary Beth Lukich
2 years ago

So informative! Thank you SO much!

Kimberly Faye Cork
2 years ago

It is such an honor to write for this digital platform that brings solid news and information to Washington.

Gail Boyd
2 years ago

So glad to have this online newspaper.

Many thanks,

Gail Boyd