Washington Georgia City Administrator Jerry deBin Hasn't Resigned, Will be Removed

Published on 14 June 2024 at 18:44

Washington mayor Bruce Bailey sent me the following regarding Jerry deBin and said it is a statement from the cities lawyers


"Dear Council,


As you are aware, we were attempting to negotiate a severance agreement with Jerry deBin following his removal as City Administrator. We are awaiting review for his legal team to come to terms of that agreement. Therefore, pursuant and in accordance with the vote of the Council on June 10, 2024, Mr. deBin will be removed as City Administrator and his employment with the City will be officially terminated as of today.  Jerry will be formally notified of his removal and termination. Awaiting his decision for either a lump sum payment or 6 monthly payments to be provided."


By Georgia law, severance pay is not required. It is an agreement between employee and employer that is stated in a contract. I am attempting to confirm whether or not deBin had an active contract. It had been mentioned in a recent city council meeting that there was not a signed contract in place.


Written by Michelle Chaffee

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