Washington Turns Out for Peace Day, a Unity Event Initiated by Washington Native Devarius Smith

Published on 31 October 2023 at 07:45

On Saturday, October 28, 2023 the first annual Peace Day, a unity event, was held at Reese Booker Park. It was a perfect day for music, food and fun. I spoke to Devarious Smith about what inspired him to create the event. Smith grew up in Washington. He told me that he loves Washington and that he really wants to help the kids. He said it’s harder for kids now then we he grew up here. “the kids don’t feel as safe now,”. He said although he now lives in Augusta, he is in Washington often and has family here. “So many have supported and donated” he said. Local churches helped with food donations and the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Department even stopped by to show support. Smith said all he had to do was tell people about his idea and they really came together to help.  He went on to say that the main goal is to get kids to understand what’s really important and that violence isn’t the way. “We have to respect one another and be an example to these kids” he said. He hopes to make it an annual event and add other similar events throughout the year. Many of the local candidates running in the upcoming election showed their support as well. Bruce Bailey, Angela Booker, Juan Jackson, Maceo Mahoney, Ken Parris and Delila Wilburn all attended the event.


I also spoke to MTO Rekk a rap artist who also grew up in Washington. He said that he too, wants a safer community for the children of Washington. “There is so much untapped potential” he said. He told me too many kids are unfairly judged and what they are truly capable of is often overlooked and that there needs to be more opportunities for kids to know and express their full potential.

photo 1 a young man enjoying the seesaw, photo 2 Roxanne Cobb Devarious Smith and MTO Rekk with other supporters and organizers, photo 3 three young men enjoy snacks photo 5 minister Archie Acree and MTO Rekk with other supporters of the event photo 6 Devarious Smith and MTO Rekk show unity photo 7 Delila Wilburn candidate for city council in district 1 photo 8 a young lady with a beautiful smile enjoys the day photo 9 Pop Warner Cheerleader leadership was there accepting donations for the November cheerleading competition in Florida.

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