Fantastic Turnout at This Year's Resthaven Revisited

Published on 23 October 2023 at 17:47

 Washington Wilkes Historical Foundation had its best turnout in years for Resthaven Revisited. They actually ran out of tickets and had to recycle the ones they collected from the early visitors. The cemetery tour began a little over 10 years ago as a co-production with the Washington Little Theater. The actors are all volunteers, and proceeds from ticket sales go toward improvements at Resthaven Cemetery.

Ty Bailey and Libby Foster were the “spirits” who greeted visitors to Resthaven Revisited.


Marion Pembroke Pope (R, portrayed by Frank Fulbright) and his nemesis, Dr. William Wylie Hill (Trevor Forrest), 
continue to argue from the grave over who insulted whom, which resulted in a duel (of sorts) 
in front of the long-gone W.T. Johnson Hotel.


Tina Lewis revives the spirit of Polly Barclay, who was accused, tried, and convicted in the death of her husband in 1806. The entire trial lasted only one day, when she was sentenced to be hung.


Brandon Rothman channels Duncan Greene Campbell, lawyer and legislator who built the Campbell-Jordan-Lindsey-Farnell House on East Liberty Street.
Reported by Richard Crabbe


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Stephanie Macchia
9 months ago

As the the director of Resthaven Revisited I would have been glad to talk to you about Resthaven Revisited. This was the 16th year of the production and was the most successful year we have ever had with over 250 guests at the cemetery that night. All money from ticket sales is used for preservation of Resthaven Cemetery.