Little Theater's "12 Angry Jurors" Tells Story of Justice over Prejudice

Published on 5 May 2023 at 20:39

 The temper of Juror #3 (Michael Marler, left) reaches a boiling point and he lashes out at Juror #8 (Laurin Wilkerson, right), requiring the 5th and 1st Jurors (Trevor Forrest and Abbie Pruitt) to restrain him. Watching in the background (l-r) are Shawn Blakey, Bella Sanders (back), Lauren Bentley, Frank Fulbright (back), Leigh Hartmann, Tony Macchia, and Nina Posey (partially hidden).

The Washington Little Theater's (WLT) latest production, 12 Angry Jurors, opened last weekend with three phenomenal performances. The play will perform again May 5, 6, 7 and tickets may be purchased on the theater's website,

This thrilling drama tells the story of a jury tasked with deciding the fate of a young man accused of murdering his father. Although it at first seems like the deliberations will be short and easy, the jurors soon realize their task will be anything but simple. Through the courageous actions of one juror who asks the right questions and is determined to sift through all the evidence until an answer is found, the others are inspired to see past their own prejudices and instead seek the truth. This ultimately leads to a dramatic and moving finale that leaves nearly all of the characters changed for the better... and may leave you thinking long after the play has ended.

As the play unfolds, the talented cast brings to life the unique personalities of 12 jurors who all come from vastly different walks of life. The beliefs and prejudices of each one come to light in one way or another; sometimes quite obviously through outbursts of anger and other times through quiet remarks or facial expressions that reveal the character's inner thoughts. It is a thought-provoking exploration of how the personality and prejudices that we all have can affect our conscious – and unconscious – judgment of others. It is also an inspiration of how one person's courage can change the lives of so many others.

Led by WLT Artistic Director Jason LeBlanc with assistance from Joey Pruitt, the cast includes both familiar faces and several newcomers who range in age from 18 to 82 and features the talents of Lauren Bentley, Shannon Bentley, Shawn Blakey, Trevor Forrest, Frank Fulbright, Leigh Hartmann, Tony Macchia, Michael Marler, Nina Posey, Abbie Pruitt, Bella Sanders, and Laurin Wilkerson. Don't miss your chance to see this incredible production!


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