Mary Willis Library Fundraiser Raises $3,500 to Fund Summer Reading Program

Published on 19 November 2023 at 12:05

Supporters of the Mary Willis Library were treated to a holiday surprise when Friends of the Library unveiled a handmade miniature model of the historic 1889 building last weekend. Gail Boyd hosted a fund-raising event which featured a hand-crafted gingerbread replica of the Library, carefully constructed and decorated by master baker Alisha Hildago. The event generated nearly $3,500 in donations, which will fund the Library’s summer reading program in 2024.
The highly detailed model includes replicas of the building’s Tiffany windows, formed from colored sugars. The model was completed only on the morning of the event at Boyd’s Merry Oaks home. It will be moved and soon placed on display at the Library.
(Photo cutline: Mary Willis librarians Beth Miller (l) and Kaylee Moon were among the first to see Alisha Hildago’s gingerbread representation of Washington’s historic Mary Willis Library. The model will soon be on display at the Library.)
Reported by Richard Crabbe

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